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Jonesport Shipyard

Shipyard Services

Jonesport Shipyard’s talented technicians are ready to support our customers with anything from annual maintenance to emergency repairs.


Commercial Vessels

  <32’ 33’ to 39’ 39’ to 44’
  $250 $275 $300
Novis $250 $350 $400

>15 tons is quoted
Boat move is $150


Recreational Boats

<38’ 38’ to 45’ >45′ or 15 tons
$300 $375 Quoted

Express (on trailer, launch on same tide) is 1.5x haul-out rate


Ramp Use (DIY)

<23’ 23’ to 26’ 26′ 30′ >30′
$9 $14 $25 Quoted

Assistance: $70/hr (min. $35)


Commercial: $3.00/ft
Recreational: $4.00/ft
Mast-in: $5.25/ft

Indoor Heated

Daily: $90
Weekly: $500
Monthly: $2,000

Short Term (on owner’s trailer)

  Daily Weekly Monthly
<25′ $6 $35 $130
>25′ $12 $75 $6/ft
Trailer Only (1 or 2 axles) $5 $30 $50 (in summer)
Autos (without dock space) $5 $25  
Indoor Do-It-Yourself Space $80 $525 $2,000

Dinghies Outdoor (incl. haul, launch, wash)

<10’: $75/mo
10’ to 14’: $8.00/ft/mo

Dinghy Dock (incl. parking for one car)

<10’: $16/wk or $60/mo
10’ to 14’: $1.75/ft/wk or $7.00/ft/mo

Boat Stand Rental

In Yard: $6.00 ea/mo
Outside Yard: $18.00 ea/mo



  Monthly Seasonally
Battery, Small   $35
Battery, Large $12 $45
Outboards   $50 plus labor
Spars and Furlers, Indoors $.80/ft 2.75/ft
Spars and Furlers, Outdoors $.50/ft $1.95/ft

General Labor: $70.00/hr
Specialty (Welding): $85.00/hr
Specialty (Fiberglass/Engine): $105.00/hr
Crane or Boat Handler: $100.00/hr ($70 minimum)
Fuel Polishing: Quoted


<20′ (plus frame, vents, doors): $16/ft
>20′ (plus frame, vents, doors): $19/ft
Vents: $12/ea installed
Mast, Shroud, Stanchion Cuts: $7/ea

All rates are subject to change at anytime without notice.


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Plan your visit by boat to Downeast Maine. We can offer you a mooring, space on our dinghy dock, and plenty of local knowledge.

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